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    Repair Parts On A NSS Wrangler Auto Scrubber

    Posted by Lee Harris on

    National super service is synonymous for their Wrangler lineup of auto scrubbers. The Wrangler series comes in many different sizes ranging from a 15 inch auto scrubber although we up to a 33 inch auto scrubber. The latest versions of the Wrangler line are the Wrangler 1503, 1710, 2010, 2016, 2625, 2730 and 3330. Most of these auto scrubbers have the same makeup of the types of parts they utilize. The smaller scrubbers are usually pad assist which means that the movement of the pad rotating helps propel the machine in a forward direction. Pad assist machines are usually smaller in size, lighter and more maneuverable. The larger NSS units such as the Wrangler 2625, 2730 and 3330 use a wheel drive system that makes these floor cleaning machines self-propelled and easy to use.

    On the smaller auto scrubbers which are pad assist there are just two main major parts. On the front there is a brush motor which spins either a pad driver or rotary brush to clean the floor. Attached to the recovery tank where the dirty water goes is a NSS vacuum motor which is hooked up to a squeegee in the back of the machine in turn picking up the water after the machine scrubs the floor. The most common problem with brush motors is when the carbon brushes inside the motor, over time these wear out on the Armature. Carbon brushes can be replaced by even a novice mechanic. These parts are very accessible and makes it so that these NSS carbon brushes can be replaced within an hour. When a vacuum motor goes bad most NSS technicians just replace the vacuum motor instead of replacing parts within it. The smaller machines also have components such as the main frame, solution tank, recovery tank and squeegee assembly. On the main frame there are usually two larger wheels and a set of casters which the machine rolls on. These wheels are easy to replace by loosening a few bolts and replacing them after you’re done. The solution tank and recovery tank systems on these auto scrubbers rarely go bad are made from roto-cast polyethylene. On the squeegee assembly the squeegee rubber can easily be replaced and are made out of either urethane, Linatex or gum rubber. When replacing the squeegee blades is important to clean up the squeegee assembly so that the blades are seated correctly so they are even with the floor to retain more water as the machine moves along. The control panels usually consist of simple switches and a few circuit breakers which are also easy to repair.

    The larger NSS units like the Wrangler 2625, 2730 and 3330 are usually self-propelled because of the machines weight and are powered by a transaxle system that is connected to the frame underneath the machine. These machines use the same components as the smaller machines plus the added transaxle. Older NSS auto scrubbers used a motor and chain or belt system to propel the machine this has since been upgraded since the 2000s to transaxle system which is more reliable. On these transaxle machines the whole transaxle usually needs to be replaced when it fails. The transaxle’s usually are sold as kits which include new wheels because sometimes taking the old wheels off can be a difficult task. Most of the NSS auto scrubber line now come with curved squeegee assemblies instead of the old straight squeegee assemblies which leave less streaking and water lines behind the machine. If you have an older machine with a straight NSS squeegee assembly it is difficult to replace it with a curved squeegee assembly because you have to replace all the parts where the squeegee links to the machine. The other difference between larger units and the smaller units is the solution and recovery tank capacities. Parts are readily available for most models dating back to at least 1995 making these scrubbers cost effective to fix over buying new floor equipment.

    When NSS designed the Wrangler series they were meant to be rebuilt with NSS parts. National Super Service designed their auto scrubber line to be simple to work on and repair. There is very little circuitry in these machines and they mostly use manual levers, switches and solenoids to make them run. The self-propelled machines do come with a speed control board which is the only part of the machine that has advanced circuitry making them inexpensive to fix over other manufacturer brands.

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