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    Repairing parts on the NSS champ series auto scrubbers

    Posted by Lee Harris on

    If you're looking for a really big auto scrubber to ride on the NSS champ series is definitely the auto scrubber for you. The champ was introduced in the 1990s with the ZS line which included the champ ZS 35, 35 inch ride on auto scrubber and the ZS 29 which was a 29 inch auto scrubber. Referring to the size of the auto scrubber correlates to the cleaning path that the pads or brushes can scrub. In the 2000s the ZS series was replaced with the Champ 2929, 3329 and 3529. The first two numbers of each machine reference the cleaning path and the second two numbers reference the solution capacity of which the machine can hold. These auto scrubbers are extremely maneuverable and can either use floor pads or numerous types of brushes for cleaning different types of flooring. These machines can be broken down into different areas where parts can be easily replaced or fixed. These different areas include the drive system, steering system, cleaning brushes, control circuitry and solution recovery system.

    The drive system on these machines utilizes a drive motor on the front wheel to propel the machine in both a forward and reverse direction. The drive wheel is controlled by a chain which is connected to the steering system and is easy to work on and replace with the right tools and equipment. These parts are meant to be replaced when they wear out instead of buying a whole new machine. On the rear of the unit there are two large wheels which are not driven by any motors or a transaxle.

    The entire machine is controlled by machine control system call the Trio board. This control system operates the drive motor brush motors and vacuum motors so they all work in synchronicity. This machine control system is very accessible and easy to replace if the unit fails. The control system works in tandem with a display screen which can easily be read to see what the machine is doing at any time and also troubleshoot problems by using error codes if the machine needs to be fixed. These parts are inexpensive compared to other manufacturer brands and a lot easier to replace.

    The NSS champ series is powered by a 36 V battery system and an onboard NSS battery charger which can charge the machine at any location where an electrical outlet is accessible. One common problem is that if the onboard charger fails the machine will not run. So when looking at run problems with there is no power to the control board first check the onboard battery charger. These NSS parts are inexpensive to replace and to easy fix.

    The brush mechanism on the machine consists of two motors and two actuators. The two motors are extremely powerful and can be used in conjunction with either floor pads or rotary brushes suited to the type of flooring needed to be cleaned. The actuator system lowers and raises the brush deck depending on whether the machine is in motion or not. The actuators can be adjusted for using either floor pads or rotary brushes. The system is very accessible and easy to work on without having to disassemble the whole machine. NSS parts are readily available to repair the brush motors. Usually the only parts that have to be replaced on the brush motors from time to time are the carbon brushes which are wear items.

    The last area of machine is the recovery tank which contains the vacuum motor. NSS came out with two types of motors for this machine one being mechanical with brushes and the other being a digital motor called an Infin-A-Tek motor. The digital motor is state-of-the-art and contains no carbon brushes and lasts longer and is stronger than the mechanical vacuum motor. This motor is located in the back of machine inside the recovery tank and can easily be replaced. It is always important to use original NSS champ parts when working on these auto scrubbers. 

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